Mike Neubauer | Fine Art Photographer

Mike is a critically acclaimed landscape photographer at the summit of a new breed of superstar contemporary artists. Neubauer captures Mother Nature’s grandeur in a powerful, awe-inspiring display of beauty, spectacular detail and distinctive vibrant color. He is the Ansel Adams of the Internet generation and his photographs ooze with attitude,  a cool lux vibe and sensory overload. His iconic and groundbreaking limited edition photographic masterpieces are now available!  Read More

Latest Works

Below are some of Mike’s newest works. See more amazing landscapes in the gallery.


Edition size: 100

Edition size: 300

“La Perouse”
Edition size: 300

Edition size: 300

Where in the World?

Mike is currently at home in Maui, Hawaii working on processing nearly 3000 images from his latest travels to Iceland.

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