About Us

My name is Mike Neubauer, and I’m one of the founders of Earth Trot Galleries. I’ve spent years honing my craft as a fine art landscape photographer (neubauer.net). In the last ten years I’ve had my share of media attention, honors, awards, distinctions and opportunities that are rare for many of today’s artists. While I feel very fortunate to be recognized as much as I have been, it has still been a struggle to maintain a steady flow of revenue from my art.

And although I live in a large art community with exceptional artists, I have seen many ultra talented colleagues struggle too. It was through the frustration of seeing artists giving up on their passions that the idea for Earth Trot Galleries started to take shape.

Then we thought about how many times we’ve heard from our followers how much they loved our work but wished they could afford some for their walls. We get this. Good art is rarely cheap. And who buys art? Usually its people with a little extra cash to burn. So, we thought how can we make art affordable for everyone? And then it came to us. Let’s give away a sampler package to everyone. Get them interested in new art and new artists, and who knows, maybe it will spark a disruption in the art industry…