Capturing Memories: A Journey Through Japan

by | Feb 2, 2024 | Articles

Woah, it’s February already? I went out shooting a few times this month, but sadly haven’t really gotten to editing any of the photos yet, so those will have to wait. On the flip side, my son, Nico is getting interested in Japan, so I’ve been going through some photos from a trip Caroline and I took out there long before Nico was born in 2012.  So, this month let’s dive into some photos from Japan!

We visited the areas of Kyoto, Osaka and Nara mostly, so this is where most of these images are from.  Hope you enjoy!

Thought of the month:

Heal Yourself First.

I’m someone who has always wanted to make sure everyone around me is ok.  My son, my wife, my friends, etc. Then I take care of me.  I now think this might be backwards. What good am I to help care for others if I am broken.  And I don’t mean that I’m physically sick or anything like that. I mean that I need to take care of myself spiritually, mentally, socially etc. before I can be the person I need to be to care for others.  It’s not just for me; it’s like unleashing good vibes for everyone around. When I make sure to take time for me, I’m not being selfish; I’m building up my mental and physical strength, becoming a resilient force. It helps me set a positive tone and radiate good energy. I mean, how can you be the best for others without first being the best for yourself?

Buckling Down

In 2024 I’m committing to being more active on social media, building a brand for myself and writing a lot more. These newsletters are monthly oversights that share some of my photography and some of the things I’m up to, but if you want the daily play by play, the best way to catch me is on Instagram. Follow me at: @EarthTrot and @MauiInvestor.

In addition to social media, I’m working with my wife on creating some courses for those interested in investing in real estate assets. We’ve been fortunate enough to have been able to leave our W2 jobs because of real estate and just want to share what we’ve learned over the better part of the last decade to others who want to learn.

I’ve been feeling a lot better for the last 6 months or so as I’ve been regularly going to the gym, doing yoga and meditating frequently. I guess that’s part of my “healing myself first.” I have more energy, am generally a bit happier and more motivated.  Let’s go!

What I’m Reading

Man, I read two amazing books this month.  I can’t recommend either one any more highly.  First is The Creative Act by Rick Rubin. Absolutely fantastic. He dives into the creative process and how true innovation comes when you blend creativity and spirituality. Sure, he’s an acclaimed music producer, but he’s like a Zen Buddhist in terms of his approach to creating. Kinda like the Phil Jackson of the music world.  

The next book is called “Take the Stairs” by Rory Vaden. Super motivational book about resisting the quick fix, eliminating distractions and transcending past experiences in order to reach your goals. Very highly recommended.

New (old) Photography:

Because I was going through old images of Japan, I thought I’d pull up some of the pieces for a quick re-visit.  What an amazing place. I may actually have to go back there and re-visit again in person.  

Kyoto, Japan

There are more temples than I can count out that way, but this golden temple at sunset was pretty tough to beat.

Nara, Japan


Kyoto, Japan

Japan. It’s legit.

Arashiyama, Japan


Nara, Japan

Have you ever seen a cuter little munchkin?

Kyoto, Japan

Fushimi Inari – these reddish/orange torii (gates) go on for miles.  Crazy.

Kyoto, Japan

Each one of these gates has the name of the donor and the date the donation was received. Fushimi Inari is part of a sacred Shinto shrine.

Nara, Japan

11+ Years ago. Wow how time flies!


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