Essential Photography Gear

I get asked a lot what kind of photography gear I use. Well, here’s my updated list of photo gear that I trust, use and swear by. There’s a few others that come and go, but for the most part, this is it!  I do want to stress that I’m not endorsed by any of these companies and while I like all these products, I’m a firm believer that there are great products in every category by many different vendors.  Your camera doesn’t matter if you don’t have skills to use it…

The current lineup:

  • Nikon D850 Full Frame DSLR
  • Nikon 14-24mm f2.8
  • Nikon 24-70mm f2.8
  • Nikon 70-200mm f2.8
  • Gitzo 3540L Tripod
  • Benro Mach 3 Tripod
  • Induro BHL 2 Ballhead
  • Apple Computers and Laptops (and phones)
  • Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom
  • Sandisk Memory Cards
  • Seagate Backup Hard Drives
  • Wired cable releases
  • Black Diamond Headlamps
  • Visible Dust Sensor Cleaners
  • DJI Drones
  • Tenba Bags
  • Mindshift Bags
  • Format-Hitech Filters and Filter Systems
  • Hoya Filters
  • B+W Filters


    I trust the following brands to keep me protected from the elements:

    • Kühl Clothing – Cold weather gear
    • Patagonia – Cold weather gear
    • The North Face – Cold weather gear
    • Salomon – Hiking shoes, Water shoes
    • Next Level – T-shirts
    • Maui Rippers – Board shorts
    • Luminox – Watches
    • Maui Jim – Sunglasses
    • Tilley Hats
    • Oofos – Slippers for the beach!


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