Expressing Gratitude and Adding Value: A Journey of Growth and Inspiration

by | Nov 3, 2023 | Articles

I am so grateful for you. I truly mean that. If you are reading this, you matter to me and your support helps fuel my passion, so thank you!

Thought of the month:

How can I add value to you?

In the last two years I’ve grown more than I have in the 20 years prior. How? By focusing on improving myself. I’ve created a morning routine that gets me ready for my day. I focus on gratitude, reading, learning, being active and having community. I’ve surrounded myself with people who are much more successful and wise than I am and one thing I’ve learned is that the more successful the individual, the more they focus on adding value to the people in their lives. I love this.

I hope my photography inspires and heals. I hope it leads to reduced stress and increased curiosity, gratitude, connection and peace. I hope it makes your world a brighter and more empathetic place and I hope it encourages you to share that positivity with others.

Business Update:

I’ve been working on getting the website ( up and running more smoothly with an online store and gallery.  I’d say we’re currently about 75% done. The goal is to be 100% by next month.  

New Works:

This month I went out shooting a bunch here on Maui.  It always feels good to be out there.  I haven’t released any of these online yet, and would love your thoughts first. Which ones do you like the best, which ones don’t resonate with you as much? Your feedback is extremely helpful for me. Let me know your top 3 favorite in order if you don’t mind!

Maui, Hawaii

Complimentary Fine Art: La Perouse

I know what you’re wondering, why would I give away my art? That’s a good question and while it may go against most principles of doing business, there are a few things you should know about me.

  1. I am not a business person, and I will not act like one.
  2. It’s been shown that high quality fine art has the ability to reduce stress, in turn making people happier, calmer and healthier.
  3. I believe if you’re reading this, your walls probably don’t love you and you probably don’t love them. I’d love to help change that relationship.

The artwork linked to here is free for you to download, no strings attached.  You will need a password to access this page.  That password changes every month.  This month it is:


This is a high resolution jpg image and ready to go to print. I recommend printing them as large as your walls will allow for maximum satisfaction.  You can print these at home if you like, or I recommend using a fine art quality printer like Reed Photo or Bay Photo

You can print on any medium you like, such as archival papers, brushed aluminum or canvas.

La Perouse
Maui, Hawaii

La Perouse
Maui, Hawaii


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