Expressing Gratitude and Embracing the Present Moment

by | Dec 1, 2023 | Articles

I am so grateful for you. I truly mean that. If you are reading this, you matter to me and your support helps fuel my passion, so thank you!

Thought of the month:

Stay in the moment.

It’s so easy to get caught up in what might happen in the future, to get caught up in worry and stresses that may or may not ever occur. It’s also very easy to dwell on the past which cannot be changed. I’m really trying to focus on being present in this moment. In fact, I start most days by writing in my journal, and the first line I tend to write is: “I am here. Present in this moment, grateful for each breath that passes through my lungs.” For months I’ve done this, and while I’m not sure its a contributing factor, my wife has several times mentioned that I’m a lot more laid back (whaaaaat?!) than I used to be.

New Photography:

This month I went out shooting a bunch here on Maui and worked on a few pieces I hadn’t processed from previous trips. But one of the weirdest things I’ve encountered is the pink water here on Maui.

I’m including a few pictures to it below, but if you want to read more, you can check out this blog post I wrote on it here. The short of it is they think it comes from a bacteria bloom of some sort but last I heard they’re not really sure why the water is pink. The images in that link and below are not Photoshopped. Crazy, right?

Anyway, I know you want to see some photography, so without further adieu, here you go!

Maui, Hawaii

Drone shot from a sunrise on Maui looking out at Kahoʻolawe

Maui, Hawaii

Another sunrise shot from one of my favorite secret spots.

Maui, Hawaii

Facing Haleakala just before sunrise.

Maui, Hawaii

Colors just before sunrise from the North Shore.

Alaska, USA

I shot this from the top deck of a cruise ship in July. I processed it to look like an old grainy film image, just because I thought it fit this scene.

Maui, Hawaii

This is an unedited drone shot. It’s definitely more than a little pink, wouldn’t you say? Apparently, the pink water has made national and international news. Read my full blog post on it and see the rest of the images of it here.


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