There are always several places I have pegged to photograph before I go on any photography trip.  This was one of those places. I had seen some amazing views of the river and lake because of the incredible colors that it has and I really wanted to shoot it myself in the winter. The day I went up there, it was so heavily overcast I was saddened because I was hoping to photograph the river with a reflecting sky, but when I got up there I turned into a kid at a candy shop.  The scene was a wonderland, no one in sight, in fact the snow was so deep everywhere that other than a few moose tracks nearby there were no signs of anyone having been here for days. That's crazy to me since this place is less than an hour away from Anchorage. As dramatic as the scene was up here, I knew I could make it even more impactful by shooting it as a panoramic and focusing on the contrast between the white of the snow and sky and the blues of the water.  The leafless trees would be a perfect contrast to the sky. I need REALLY big walls in my house, because this is one of the pieces I want to print HUGE for my own house. I love it, and hope you do too!

Limited Edition

Edition Size: 100
Location: Alaska, USA
Format: 3:1


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