Eye Spy

I knew it was around here somewhere.  I had traveled all the way up to the middle of Northern Canada to find this lake where methane bubbles formed underwater and became trapped under ice as the winter grew colder.  I found the lake and was walking out over it trying to find these trapped bubbles when a gust of frigid air moved the dry snow on the lake enough where I could see this sight looking down. It was my first glimpse of the bubbles I had come here looking for and honestly it was thrilling and a little spooky all at once.  It almost looked like little eyeballs looking back up at me. As I moved along the frozen lake to where the snow was completely gone, I could see that there were thousands of these bubbles all around. Just an incredible sight!  The photos I got from this area are among my favorites, but the freezing cold whipping wind was not so fun.  I literally had to weigh down my tripod to get it to not tip over or slide across the ice.  That's how strong the winds were in this area. Oh, and -30 degrees doesn't help either!

Limited Edition

Edition Size: 100
Location: Alberta, Canada
Format: 3:2


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