Heaven’s Trail

When I first found this location I knew already the shot I wanted. I saw “Heaven’s Trail” in the bright sunshine. I knew it was going to be a killer shot if I could capture it. I also knew I had to wait for just the right moment, when the Milky Way was in the exact right place at the exact right time during a new moon so there wouldn’t be any ambient light. I also knew it had to be at a low tide so there would be no chance of water getting into this tide pool, potentially ruining the reflection. I came down to shoot it several times, but something got in the way.  There was no water in the tide pool, there were too many clouds, etc. It just never worked out. But I knew eventually it would. And it did. When everything came together I was ecstatic.  I knew this shot was going to be a winner. And when I started processing it, it became more and more apparent what I had been given the privilege to capture. To me, this image is otherworldly, it could’ve been photographed on the moon or anywhere really. It does not look like it is of this earth.  Though I promise you, it was taken here in Hawaii.

I know this piece won’t call to everyone, but for those who are fascinated with the night sky, as I am, this one will be hard to top. I’m very proud of this image, and now I’m honored with having it as a permanent piece in the Loan Collection of the Professional Photographer’s of America.  I also have one on my wall in the medium size, 30″x45″ printed on high gloss metal and it is stunning. Put this thing under gallery lighting and people cannot help but to be amazed by it. You should probably order one now.

Limited Edition

Edition Size: 100
Location: Maui, Hawaii
Format: 3:2


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