Kirk’s Secret

OK, there's a lot of things I do to "get the shot" that I probably shouldn't.  This was probably one of them. Having a physique of Dwayne "the Rock" Johnson would've gotten me incredibly wet and hypothermic falling through the ice here, but gratefully, I don't look like the Rock. I'm kinda the exact opposite, actually,  and that serves me well when I want to get out on thin ice. I literally heard the ice creaking and cracking as I carefully stepped on the sheet. Just a little bit closer and I could get the shot I wanted... Thankfully, I knew I needed to watch myself and not get too close.  I also brought with me a long telephoto lens just for this purpose. It may have been the only time I used it in Iceland, but this one shot made it worth carrying! It's rare to see a waterfall in the winter that is half covered by ice and yet still clear enough to photograph the falling water with a long exposure. I love the texture of this image, the harsh ice crystals surrounded by the soft touch of the flowing water behind.  I also love that I didn't fall in, because, that would've been cold!

Limited Edition

Edition Size: 100
Location: Iceland
Format: 3:2


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