Maka Ike

We had been hiking for hours trying to get some glimpse of the lava from the volcano on the Big Island.  A few weeks ago it had been erupting like crazy but we couldn't get over due to our schedules. My buddy and I were hiking around here and the lava had seemingly vanished except for where it was pouring into the ocean.  We were walking all over the rocks for hours and just couldn't find any flow on land. Finally, we got to a spot where we were exhausted.  Our feet were sore and on fire from walking so much. Or so I thought.  When I looked down, I could see through a crack in the rock that I was standing on this sight of the lava just below the surface.  It's then that I realized my feet were legitimately hot from the lava not from walking so much. After taking a few photos (how could I resist), we went to cooler ground.  Sadly (or maybe not), this was as close as we got to the actual lava flow. Which is ok with me, it wasn't meant to be that time. However, I really like the dynamic contrast of this image and of course, the story behind it.

Limited Edition

Edition Size: 100
Location: Big Island, Hawaii
Format: 3:2


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