Noble Rage

I'll admit, I was a little nervous shooting this sunset on the North shore of Maui.  I know these waters can be quite intrepid, and this day was no exception.  However, I also knew the composition here was so good and I really wanted to catch a sunset here.  It's a long ways from anything to this location, and because I had journeyed out here and planned for this, I was determined to make it happen.

Behind me was a lot of sharp lava rocks and though I was only in about 2 feet of water, the swells coming in were quite powerful.  I braced my tripod and hung on, waiting for the right swell to come in.  I shot round after round of photos, and had to clean off my lens a hundred times, but finally I got the shot I wanted. Right as the sun was about to pass over the peak of the mountain beyond.  I knew right away that if it was sharp, this was going to be a great image.

When I got home I downloaded the images from this day and for some reason or another I had difficulties getting this one to process correctly.  I never showed it to anyone, it just sat on my hard drive.  Recently I went back and found it and tried my hand at processing it again.  Finally, I got what I was hoping for! I really like the dynamics of this image and how everything came together.

Limited Edition

Edition Size: 100
Location: Maui, Hawaii
Format: 3:2


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