Point Zero

Shooting night photography is one of my favorite things. Not just because it's exhilarating to see the stars come to life in the camera, but also because it is challenging to get the images looking just right. This one I shot here on Maui and was super excited to capture a shooting star in the night sky. The image was shot about an hour after sunset and it was pretty dark outside, but because I had to leave the shutter open for 20 seconds to get the stars you can still see some of the glow from the sunset earlier in the evening. Thankfully, we get a lot of stars, and shooting the milky way is not an uncommon thing here in the islands as there is little light pollution in many of the areas here.  That said, this one just erupted with clarity more than normal.  This image received highest honors at the 2020 International Photographic Competition put on by the Professional Photographer's of America.

Limited Edition

Edition Size: 100
Location: Maui, Hawaii
Format: 3:2


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