Artist notes:

Early one spring morning I was out exploring some caves on the East end of the island.  This particular one was extremely dark but I could see the water at the bottom of it was unearthly clear.  I knew if I could harness enough natural light this could be a really killer shot.  So I climbed up a rock ledge on the right side of the cave, setup a tripod with a shutter release and let the light in for about a minute.  When I closed the shutter and saw the image on the LCD I knew I had a winner.  After the shot, I handed off my gear to my assistant and jumped in the freezing (but refreshing) water!


Location: Maui, Hawai‘i
Edition size: 250 limited edition | 25 artist proofs
Sizes: 20″x30″ • 30″x45″ • 40″x60″

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