Purchasing Options

Pricing for fine art photography is based on several factors.

1) The size of the print.

Most images in my galleries are shot in “full frame” which is a 3:2 ratio format. That’s the same as a traditional 35mm camera film.  Some images, namely the panoramic images may be in a 2:1 or even 3:1 aspect ratio. Here are the sizes we offer in each ratio.  Note that these dimensions are in inches as I’m in the United States, and like many Americans, I sadly don’t know metrics.  If you need the sizes in centimeters, please Google it.

3:2 format sizes:  12″x18″  |  20″x30″  |  30″x45″  |  40″x60″

2:1 format sizes: 10″x20″  |  15″x30″  |  20″x40″  |  30″x60″

3:1 format sizes: 15″x45″  |  20″x60″  |  30″x90″

2) The medium it is printed on.

We print on several mediums.  Traditional archival Art paper, Metal and Acrylic Face Mounted.  We can print on canvas as well, but we don’t prefer to as the details aren’t quite as sharp on canvas prints.

3) The exclusivity of the piece.

Some of our artwork is limited edition.  By limited I mean we are only printing 100 pieces or so.  After that, they’re gone.  Forever.  Never to be printed again.  Not all are like this, but some. Those pieces because of their exclusivity cost a bit more.

Pricing Inquiries:

If you are interested in a piece or two, please let us know the name of the piece, the size that you are interested in and the medium you would like it printed on.  Our team will get back to you as soon as possible with a quote.  Make sure to include your shipping address so we can provide an accurate estimate shipped to your door.

Thank you so much for your interest and for supporting the arts!

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